Plugins (RippleLIVE)

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    RT Plugins Bundle

    The entire set of RippleLive Plugins designed for a variety of creative tasks in Final Cut Pro, for one low price.
  • RT Arrows

    RT Arrows is a set of 39 title templates for Final Cut Pro that give you the ability to add customizable animated arrows to videos, photos, and other visuals.
  • RT Markups

    RT Markups is a collection of 26 title templates that allow you to quickly emphasize or exclude text and other on-screen objects.
  • RT Tracking Essentials

    RT Tracking Essentials is a collection of 9 titles and 3 effects that are specifically designed to work with Final Cut Pro’s object tracker.
  • RT TimeWarps

    RT TimeWarps is a collection of 5 plugins that add frame rate, motion blur, strobe, trail and echo effects to your footage.
  • RT Shortcuts

    RT Shortcuts is a Final Cut Pro title plugin that allows you to quickly add keyboard shortcut graphics to your tutorials and how-to videos.
  • RT Transmations

    RT Transmations makes it fast, easy, and fun to animate your text, logos, graphics, or any connected clip placed over your video.
  • RT Paths

    RT Paths is a set of templates that allow you to add adjustable path animations to your videos.
  • RT Messages

    RT Messages make it fast and easy to add animated text messages to your videos.
  • RT Punch-Ins

    RT Punch-Ins is a set of Final Cut Pro X templates that allow you to quickly create animated zoom and pan effects on videos and photos.
  • RT Flyers

    RT Flyers is a set of Final Cut Pro X transitions that allow you to graphically transport your viewers from one location to another.
  • RT Helpers

    RT Helpers are a set of 8 highly useful Final Cut Pro X plugins for everyday editorial tasks


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