Motion 5.4.6 New Features

Motion 5.4.6 has been unleashed by Apple and now includes
3D objects support in the USDZ format.

USDZ stands for Universal Scene Description and was co-developed by Apple and Pixar as a container format for 3D models and scenes.

Join Mark Spencer as he shows you how to work with these models in Motion and publish them for use in Final Cut Pro X.
Mark will also show you the new Stroke filter that allows you to create borders around both 2D and 3D objects in Motion.

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USDZ 3D Model Support

3D Models Curated by Ripple

 Sketchfab is an online platform for publishing, sharing and purchasing 3D content.

Because you can now incorporate USDZ objects into your Motion projects,
we’ve curated and vetted a Lightbox of useful 3D models to ensure they work
as expected once you import them into Motion 5.4.6.

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