Final Cut Pro 10.4.9 is here and is packed with new workflow
and productivity enhancements.

New Features of FCP 10.4.7

How to Properly Update

Ready to upgrade to Final Cut Pro 10.4.7? In this movie you’ll learn the proper steps for backing up your libraries and ensuring a smooth transition.

HDR Tone Mapping

High Dynamic Range video is here and Final Cut Pro 10.4.7 is leading the way with its native support for HDR tone mapping. In this video, you’ll learn what tone mapping is, and how to enable it in Final Cut Pro X.

FCP X and Metal

Final Cut Pro 10.4.7 has been a huge performance boost with its reliance on Metal. In this video, you’ll learn what Metal is and how it speeds up compositing, rendering and playback in Final Cut Pro X.

HSL Range Isolation

HSL stands for Hue, Saturation and Luminance which are the components of color. In this movie, you’ll learn how to use the new HSL Range Isolation controls to select colors more precisely for the purpose of isolating them from the rest of the image during color correction.

Master the many aspects of Final Cut Pro X!

We have created a series of tutorials that will give you the information you need to be successful without wasting your time!
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Learn the New Features of Final Cut Pro 10.4.4

Batch Sharing

In this tutorial, Steve will show you how to batch export multiple clips or projects from the Browser using Final Cut Pro 10.4.4’s new Batch Share feature

Video Noise Reduction

How good is Final Cut Pro 10.4.4’s new Video Noise Reduction effect? In a word, “awesome.” Using simple controls, Steve will show you how to improve shots you might have written off as unusable.

Comparison Viewer

Final Cut Pro X’’s Color Effects just got a major enhancement with the new Comparison Viewer. Mark will show you how to use it to reference other frames for consistent color grading across your project.

Extension Workflow

Imagine not having to leave Final Cut Pro X to locate a piece of stock media, upload your clips to a cloud service, or even watch a tutorial. Apple calls it Workflow Extensions, and it’s a portal to some of the best third-party tools currently available for Final Cut Pro X users.

Caption Enhancements

Final Cut Pro X’s closed captioning tools just got better with the addition of burn-in captions that will convert your captions to subtitles and allow you to export industry-standard SRT caption files.

Tiny Planet

If you shoot with a 360 camera, you’re probably familiar with the tiny planet effect. In this video, Steve will show you how to create some whimsical visuals using this new addition to Final Cut Pro X.

Timecode Viewer

One feature that’s consistently been a top request from editors is timecode viewing. Yes, there are 3rd party plugins you could install, but none of them are as elegant as the one you’ll see in this video.

Explore Final Cut Pro 10.4.1

Final Cut Pro 10.4.1 is more than an increment update. It now offers editors the means to view, edit and deliver captions right from the timeline. In this video, Mark Spencer will walk you through the entire process.

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Professional 360° Editing Tools

Editing & Reorienting 360 Movies

Edit and deliver 360/VR content using intuitive tools. Use the new 360° Viewer to quickly explore 360 environments; create native 360 projects and reorient spherically-shot videos to keep your viewer’s focus where you want it.

2D Elements in 360 Projects

Final Cut Pro 10.4 makes adding 2D elements to your 360 projects a breeze. Add text, photos or graphics to your 360 world, then quickly reposition and orient them to match your viewer’s perspective.

360 Clips in Standard Projects

One of the most compelling things about working with 360 content is that you can work with it in standard projects. Since 360 cameras record in every direction, it’s simply a matter of using Final Cut Pro’s orient controls to choose the framing that best suits your story.

Sharing 360 Movies

Final Cut Pro 10.4 makes sharing your 360 movies a quick and painless process. Just export the movie and all the necessary 360 metadata will be included and recognized by all the popular video sharing platforms.

360 Video Editing in Final Cut Pro 10.4 Tutorial Available Now

Want to learn more about Final Cut Pro 10.4’s 360 video editing tools? We’ve produced a feature-length tutorial on this subject that will give you a much broader look at what can be accomplished in the world of 360 video post.

Color Correct & Grade Like a Pro

Color Wheels

Color correction and grading has been vastly improved in Final Cut Pro 10.4. You’ll tour the new Color Inspector, learn how the auto white balance tool works, then explore Final Cut Pro’s powerful Color Wheels.

Color Curves

Final Cut Pro 10.4 makes adding 2D elements to your 360 projects a breeze. Add text, photos or graphics to your 360 world, then quickly reposition and orient them to match your viewer’s perspective.

Hue Saturation Curves

Using Final Cut Pro 10.4’s new Hue/Saturation Curves, you’ll have nearly total control over your images. Learn how to change the color of sampled object, remove a color cast from shadows, improve skin tones and more.

Grading Workflow Enhancements

Final Cut Pro 10.4 has user-assignable keyboard commands that make color correction fast and fluid. Learn how to set up your keyboard with the color correction commands that will turn you into a power user.

LUT Improvements

Final Cut Pro 10.4 now supports both camera LUTs and Creative LUTS. A camera LUT will map the colors to the target color space to match how the the shot looked on-set. Creative LUTs can be a quick and fun way to grade to a shot.

Working in HDR

In addition to wide color gamut support, Final Cut Pro 10.4 now supports High Dynamic Range (HDR) video, which allows for significantly brighter colors so you can display a broader range of colors on newer home UHD televisions.

Advanced Color Correction in Final Cut Pro 10.4 Tutorial Available Now

Want to dive deeper into color correction? We’ve produced a 4 hour plus tutorial that will help you take advantage of Final Cut Pro 10.4’s powerful and extensive color correction tools that will keep your viewers emotionally engaged in your story.