Final Cut Pro 10.3 New Features

Final Cut Pro 10.3 is here and it’s full of new features, workflow improvements and editing enhancements wrapped in a redesigned interface that puts the focus on your content. In this free 8-lesson tutorial series, Steve & Mark showcase the features in Final Cut Pro 10.3 that will matter most to you as an editor.
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Plumb the Depths of Final Cut Pro 10.3

Get the most out of Apple’s latest release of Final Cut Pro X. Our 2 hour In-Depth tutorial will give you a broader understanding and scope of Role-based sound editing and mixing, the new editing and effects commands, and working in wide gamut color space.

Work Faster with Improved Roles

Exploring the User Interface

The new flat look of the UI greatly reduces visual noise and clutter. Discover a reorganized Libraries pane, new Workspaces and a fast and efficient way to work with your audio content in the Timeline.

Exploring Timeline 2

Quickly and fluidly organize your dialogue, music & effects roles into lanes. Focus on just the sound you want to work on; reveal all your audio components and rearrange your lanes into any order that suits your working style.

Assigning Roles to Media

In this lesson you’ll learn how roles get assigned in the Media Import window, and how to use the new Roles Editor to create and apply custom roles to your audio clips.

Mixing with Roles

Learn how to use Roles to create submixes of your dialogue, music and effects, then apply audio effects to Roles or individual Role Components for delivering final masters.

Learn more about these new features with Final Cut Pro 10.3 In-Depth

Professional Workflow Improvements

Warp Speed Audio Fades

Final Cut Pro 10.3 is all about speed. Mark will show you how to quickly apply head and tail fades to your audio clips with fresh new keyboard commands.

Workflow Improvements

Discover new timecode copy and paste functionality; the ability to remove attributes from a clip or group of clips, and a magical new Flow transition.

Wide Gamut Support

Final Cut Pro 10.3 supports a wider color space known as Rec. 2020 for editing and delivery on supported Mac computers and external displays. Better yet, you can deliver your projects in both Standard Gamut (Rec. 601 and 709) and Wide Gamut (2020) color space.

Motion Project Management

With Final Cut Pro 10.3, you now have the option to store your Motion projects inside the Library so you never have to worry about your custom titles, generators, effects or transitions going offline when you move your Library to another computer.

Ready to learn more? Take the next step.

Want to go deeper in Final Cut Pro 10.3’s new features and workflows? We’ve produced a 2 hour In-Depth tutorial where Steve & Mark take a broader look at Role-based audio sweetening and mixing, faster editing and working in wide gamut color space.