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Motion 5 - Fast Forward
Motion 5 - Fast Forward

Motion 5 Fast Forward is our flagship tutorial that sets the groundwork for learning how to create user-customizable titles, transitions and effects in Final Cut Pro X.  Imagine the possibilities of creating animated titles in Motion, then saving them so they appear in, and can be applied and modified in Final Cut Pro. Imagine the possibilities of designing and creating custom effects and transitions then giving the Final Cut Pro X user control over the look of the effect or transition. In this introductory tutorial, Mark Spencer will empower you with the skills necessary to confidently create titles, transitions and effects for any Final Cut Pro X project.

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Steve Martin

Steve Martin is the creative force behind Ripple Training and has been using and teaching Final Cut Pro since 1999. Since Final Cut Pro's introduction, he has introduced thousands of people to Final Cut Pro through his classes, workshops and training products.  He has consulted and/or trained for Apple, Adobe, Disney, Canon, Walmart and other companies.  He is also a writer, producer and avid photographer.

Motion 5 - Fast Forward