Got a Minute to Spare?
Final Cut Pro – Editing Part I

Mark and Steve have created a YouTube series called 60 Second QuickTips.
As the name suggests, QuickTips are short, snappy, easily digestible tutorials
that are no more than a minute in length.

Quickly watch 6 great episodes and continue to grow creatively!

Continuous Playback and Multicam Clip Stabilize
In this pilot episode, Steve & Mark showcase 2 of their favorite
Final Cut Pro tips in under 60 seconds.

Editing Watermarked Music in Final Cut Pro
In this QuickTip, Mark shows you how to edit and quickly
replace watermarked music in

Better Cross Dissolves in Final Cut Pro
In this QuickTip, Mark shows you how to create better
cross dissolve in Final Cut Pro.

3-Point Edits in Final Cut Pro
In this QuickTip, Steve shows you how 3-point editing
works in Final Cut Pro X

Fast Project Snapshots
In this QuickTip, Mark shows you to quickly backup your
work using Snapshots in Final Cut Pro.

Fun with Connected Storylines
In this QuickTip, Steve demonstrates various ways to create
connected storylines in FCP X.

Learn to Edit like a Master

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