RippleLIVE Episode 19

In this week’s RippleLIVE, Steve and Mark will give tips on Final Cut Pro X and more.

Here are a few of the most important tips covered:

2:36 – Creating a LUT in Resolve for use in FCP X

13:36 – Can you Pan Footage using Ripple Tools Complete?

17:17 – What is the easiest Tracker for FCP X?

20:30 – Can I connect a Logitech Camera to FCP X?

21:54 – FCP X Updates and Bugs

45:09 – Multicam Syncing Tips

49:03 – Converting FCP X Captions to Titles

50:24 – DaVinci Resolves Media Pool

57:11 – Easiest way to add Subtitles to a project

Ripple Tutorials & Plugins mentioned in this video:

Ripple Tools Complete

Art of Cutting Interviews in Final Cut Pro X