Learn the Magic of Motion in Under 60 Minutes

Learn to create in Motion and join thousands of content creators around the world
who rely on Apple’s groundbreaking motion application to enhance their projects.

Learn with Mark Spencer

In this 3-hour foundational tutorial, Mark will teach you
the building blocks of Motion.  You will work with Motion’s Chroma Keyer,
animate with Behaviors and Keyframes, and work with Replicators and Particles.
Create projects you’ve always dreamed about.


Ripple helps you tell your story with Final Cut Pro.

FCP 10.6 Core Training

Go from Beginner to Intermediate.

Mastering the Object Tracker

Master New Features

Tracking Essentials Plugin

FCP 10.6 Plugin

Learn to Edit like a Master

You too can join the thousands of successful students at Ripple Training.

Steve Martin and Mark Spencer will guide you to creative success
from their 20 plus years of experience teaching creative skills.
They are masters at teaching and have put together a
series of tutorials that won’t waste your time.