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Callouts for Final Cut Pro X

Callouts is a Final Cut Pro X plug-in that gives you the power of emphasis to remove distractions & draw your audience’s attention exactly where you want it focused. Add arrows, shapes, magnifiers, pointers, checklists and more to quickly take your video presentation from average to professional, boring to riveting, and confusing to crystal-clear to communicate, impress, & sell as never before!

APVS - Final Cut Pro X - Updated for 10.1.2

Introducing the Apple Pro Video Series: Final Cut Pro X.  In this tutorial, Apple-certified master trainer and Ripple Training founder Steve Martin, will  guide you through the new workflows, toolsets and features of Apple's professional video editing application, Final Cut Pro X.  Whether you are new to digital video editing or transitioning from another editing application, our goal is to give you a solid foundation from which to build your visual storytelling skills. The training is presented in 42 individual lessons with a running time of 6 hours. This tutorial covers Final Cut Pro 10.1 - 10.1.2

Media Management in FCPX - NEW!

Final Cut Pro 10.1.2 is here, and with it, a host of new and improved media management functionality.  Introducing Media Management for Final Cut Pro X - a 2 hour tutorial covering a wide range of topics designed to help you confidently choose the best media storage strategies for your projects - whether you are working alone or with other editors.  This tutorial covers Final Cut Pro 10.1.2

Compositing in Final Cut Pro X - 3rd Edition


Compositing in Final Cut Pro X teaches you the fundamentals of keying, compositing, animation and targeted color correction as you build a finished commercial. Learn how to properly evaluate a keyed image, how to correct problems in the shot, and what key parameters produce the best results as well as how to effectively utilize Compound Clips, Masks, Keyframes and the Color Board to improve and enhance the visuals and put to use Final Cut Pro's extensive library of Generators, Titles, and Sound Effects. This tutorial covers Final Cut Pro 10.1 - 10.1.2.

Getting Started in Motion 5 - NEW!

Getting Started in Motion 5 is our flagship tutorial that sets the groundwork for creating eye-catching motion graphics, titles and effects.  Each lesson focuses on building fundamental Motion skills such as working with groups and layers; transforming objects; animating with behaviors and keyframes; keying; using shapes, replicators and image masks; adding titles and publishing templates for Final Cut Pro X.  This tutorial is your entrance key to exploring a new world of creative possibilities for your video projects.

Creative Editing in Final Cut Pro X - NEW!

Creative Editing in Final Cut Pro X is a tutorial that delves into the art of editing. While many tutorials are concerned with the “how” of editing, this tutorial is concerned with the “why”.  More than just technical explanations of editorial techniques, this tutorial focuses on the creative thinking behind each edit decision and why certain decisions have a positive or negative affect on the story. This tutorial covers Final Cut Pro version 10.1 - 10.1.2

Multicam Editing in FCP X - Third Edition - NEW!

Mastering Multicam Editing in Final Cut Pro X is an immersive tutorial designed to teach you the fundamental skills of creating and editing multicam projects in Final Cut Pro X.  During the course of the tutorial you will learn how to properly prepare your media for import; if and when you should transcode your media; and how to organize your footage prior to editing. You'll also learn how to sync your footage; add and adjust angles in the Angle Editor, and employ useful shortcuts during the edit. Lastly, you'll learn how to adjust the timing of your edits, work with audio and add titles to your multicam projects. This tutorial covers Final Cut Pro version 10.1 - 10.1.2

DaVinci Resolve 10 In-Depth

To get you up to speed on Resolve 10, we've created an exhaustive 5 hour tutorial called DaVinci Resolve 10 In-Depth that covers every single new addition to Resolve, with a particular focus on Resolve's new Edit Page functionality, as well as the many, many grading and workflow enhancements, large and small, that have been made throughout the Media, Color, and Deliver pages. This title also includes an overview of Resolve Live, Resolve's new toolset geared for on-set colorists, as well as a fast look at the new easyDCP integration found within DaVinci Resolve 10. 

Final Cut Pro 10.1 In-Depth -NEW!

Final Cut Pro 10.1 is the next major step forward for Apple’s professional video editing software, Final Cut Pro X. Not since its initial release over 2 years ago has there been a more significant version with regard to performance and workflow.  We created a 4 hour tutorial aptly titled, Final Cut Pro 10.1 In-Depth to walk you through all the new changes and what they mean to your workflow.

Avid 7 Core Training - NEW!

Avid is the digital non-linear editing software editors and content producers rely on to cut feature films, episodic television, news, commericals, documentaries and more. With its robust editing and trimming tools, rock-solid media management and it's flexible sharing features, Avid has built a solid reputation among studios, post houses, television stations and news agencies around the world.

Mastering Text in Motion - NEW!

Mastering Text in Motion is our definitive video curriculum on creating, animating, formatting and styling text in Motion. Motion's text engine has long been regarded as one of the most versatile tools in the industry for creating just about anything you can imagine. In this tutorial, Mark Spencer will guide you through every aspect of using Motion's text tools.

Tools 2 For Final Cut Pro X

DaVinci Resolve - Creative Looks - NEW!

In this 90 minute tutorial, Alexis Van Hurkman walks you through a wide variety of techniques he uses as a professional colorist to create stylized visual treatments. Designed for students with a basic understanding of DaVinci Resolve, this tutorial eschews a paint-by-numbers approach, instead providing an informal exploration of how to customize the types of looks frequently asked for by clients to create grades that are unique to the project at hand.

Tools for Final Cut Pro X

Tools is a set of 12 Final Cut Pro X plug-ins that allow you to quickly accomplish a number of effects and editorial tasks. Add split screens; use 8 or 16 point mattes; add adjustment layers to control the look of multiple clips; color balance using traditional color wheels; apply vintage and black and white effects; move images in 3D space and use our incredibly useful guides for aligning text and graphic elements on the screen. Ripple Tools: a versatile and powerful effects toolbox at your fingertips.