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How to change the keframe default in FCPX from smooth to linear?

I think the smooth default is the reason for my issue here:
I have a footage and I want to superimpose a static image. I want this image to be moving in sync with the footage so it looks like an integral part of the footage.
To be 100% in sync I’m trying to position the image (creating a keyframe) for every footage frame. This should work in principle, however as soon as I make any adjustment to a keyframe the positioning values, the keyframe values change for the adjacent keyframes!
I simply want the keyframe values to stay as I set them and be able to change any keyframe value without affecting the adjacent keyframes.


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Unfortunately there is now way to change the default for keyframes. You could try right clicking on the keyframe control points in the viewer and choose Lock Point once you have positioned it where you like. This is the same Contextual Menu where you choose Linear or Smooth for the keyframe control point. However if you are doing this for every frame it could prove to be a mountain of work. You may consider finding a third party tracking plugin or use another application to track your footage and then bring it back into FCPX.

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