Final Cut Pro X to Logic Pro X Tutorial?

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Final Cut Pro X to Logic Pro X Tutorial?2016-03-17T13:21:35-07:00
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Since you guys piqued my interest when you dropped that hint the last MacBreak Studio, when is the new Final Cut Pro X to Logic Pro X Tutorial going to be available?




To give an update on this question, we now have 4 tutorials and 1 training bundle available on Logic Pro X:

The Getting Started in Logic Pro X Tutorial is great as a starting point if you have never used Logic Pro X.

The Music Scoring for Video in Logic Pro X Tutorial will teach you to create evocative scores and soundscapes by learning to use Logic’s powerful Synth and Percussion instruments and its built-in MIDI keyboard.

Our Audio Post for Video in Logic Pro X Tutorial will explore real-world audio post production techniques by teaching you to build, fix, mix and output a soundtrack from a short film using Logic Pro X.

Finally, our Guitars & Bass in Logic Pro X Tutorial focuses on recording, manipulating and mastering guitar and bass tracks in Logic Pro X.

If you are looking to save money, we have also created a Logic Pro X Essentials Training Bundle that contains all of the above training at one great price.

As always, we have a free preview available on all of these tutorials on the product page so you can check them out before you buy.

If you have any questions about Logic Pro X, keep ’em coming, we love answering them for you!

Vince Garcia
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Hi Edgar.  We’re in post production on it now.  Very soon.

Cool. Thanks for the update Steve. Look forward to it.