FCPX Won’t Let Me Change the Project Frame Rate

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I’m new to editing with a professional program and just got FCPX and Ripple Training a month ago, so pardon if I’m asking a stupid question…

So, I shot a 23.98 interview and I’ve been cutting it into several short videos. For some reason, each of the projects I’ve create is 30p. Perhaps I started the first project off with some 30p b-roll or a JPG (though I don’t think I did that) and I’ve duplicated each project to create the next one, since they’re all structured similarly. So even projects with no 30p material at all are 30p. I understood, however, that none of that mattered, since I could easily change the project settings (including frame rate) whenever I wanted. Only problem is, when I select any one of my projects and click the blue MODIFY button to get to that window, 30p is the only possible selection for frame rate. I should mention that FCPX allows me to change the other settings in this window (format, resolution, etc.).

Am I doing something wrong or is there a bug with FCPX? I am running 10.4.

Thanks so much for any help you can give!

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Hi thanks, I just tried this, to go from 23.98fps on a project edited in Argentina to European 25fps but all the sound has gone very out of sync. FCP 10.4.4
All the sound has been detached from picture and substantially edited.
Should I consolidate the project in some way first?
thanks. Mick

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Hi Mark.  You cannot change the frame rate while clips are in the timeline. Select all of them (command-A) press Command-X to Cut, change the project setting to your desired frame rate, then paste your clips back in.  BTW, I recommend duplicating the project first, in case something goes wrong