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Using Final Cut X (latest version) I am trying to find a way to sync up audio from isolated recorders such as Tuscan DR-05  I recently did interviews using 5 recorders + a few wireless mic’s and could not figure out how to sync them properly.  I tried lining them up by eye and ear but did not really line up properly.  Have you some training demo’s that I can look at to apply this properly. Also this is a 2 camera shoot.


There are several ways FCP gives you for synching. Assuming you used the audio waveforms to sync and it did not work to your satisfaction, the other method is to find a common sound in each of the audio track (a clap, a phoneme etc), place a marke in each, then sync to Markers. Since can then be adjusted by frame in the Angle Editor.  All of this is covered in our Multicam Editing in FCP X tutorial but I just gave you the “thumbnail” version

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Steve, might it be easer to 1st complete the multi came edit, than output to a complete movie than bring that mixed movie back into Final Cut than sync up the five independent isolated audio clips