How to maximize Instao360 ONE video quality for Oculus Go with FCP X 10.4.4?

/How to maximize Instao360 ONE video quality for Oculus Go with FCP X 10.4.4?
How to maximize Instao360 ONE video quality for Oculus Go with FCP X 10.4.4?2018-12-31T09:20:12-07:00
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I received an Oculus Go for Christmas, have an Insta360 ONE, have lately upgraded to Final Cut Pro X 10.4.4, and have questions about how to obtain the best output for my 360 videos on the Oculus Go since there seems to be a lot of pixellation of the videos whether other available 360 videos *seem* clearer. I’ve been experimenting and searching for tips to produce better videos.

BTW, I bought Steve Martin’s Edit 360 Video tutorials and watched the older MacBreak on the Oculus Go.

First, some specs:
Test 360 movie from Insta360 ONE iOS app: 51s, 3840 x 1920, bitrate 42Mb/s, 270mb file size, mp4, H.264
Oculus Go: Resolution 2560 x 1440 (1280 x 1440 per eye), Refresh rate: 60 or 72 Hz (determined by app developers).
Oculus Go Developer specs for publishing to Oculus Video: 4K (3840 x 1920), mp4 (mov works fine), enable fast start, keyframe distance 2s, frame rate 30 or 60, FRAME RATE 40-60 megabits/s!!!, add _360 after file name before extension for monoscopic 360.

Final Cut Pro X: Standard 360 project: 3840 x 1920, 29.97p, Apple ProRes 422,
Output (Master File): H.264, .mov, 51s video = 3.2GB file, 500Mb/s (???? Maybe that’s a BUG????)

Final Cut Pro X Output to Compressor (both .mov):
1) HEVC, 3840 x 1920, 30fps, “custom” bitrate of 42Mb/s, optimize for network use, 285MB file
2) HEVC, 3840 x 1920, 30fps, “web publishing” bitrate of 14Mb/s, optimize for network use, 120MB file

To my eyes, I cannot tell the difference between the two HEVC videos of 42 and 14Mb/s, and the extra 120mb of storage seems wasteful. I’ve also tried decreasing the resolution of the output from 3840 x 1920 to 2880 x 1440 (actually 2560 x 1440 but FCP changes that to a 2:1 aspect ratio automatically) to decrease file size and I’ve also been unable to appreciate any difference in quality.

So, my experiments seem to have gotten nowhere in my attempts to NOT decrease the original bitrate which match Oculus’ recommendations to “web publishing” rate default in Compressor, and HEVC (with Compressor defaults) seems to work fine. Does anyone else have any tips to maximize video quality and lower video file size?

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