I’m having MAJOR issues with Fusion footage in FCPX

/I’m having MAJOR issues with Fusion footage in FCPX
I’m having MAJOR issues with Fusion footage in FCPX2018-12-11T16:04:33-07:00
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I’m following all the proper procedures but no matter which process I follow (direct from camera or offload files) when I import the rendered/stitched file into FCPX I only get half of the image.  Either the front camera image or back camera image but never both.  In the preview screen on the “Edit” side of the Fusion app my footage looks perfect and I can pan all the way around but once rendered out using the ProRes 422 codec I only get half.  Please help!  I’ve been pulling what little remains of my hair trying to deal with GoPro support and they have ZERO answers!

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OK, I may have figured out the issue that I was having. I was exporting using Overcapture and not 360. Now the challenge I’m facing is that I can’t get the Reorient tool to work the same way as what Steve shows in the tutorial. I have a clip cut into 3 sections and whatever reorientation I make to one of those clips is being applied to ALL of them! How do I get this to work the same as what Steve is showing? Thanks again!


The most likely reason that it is not working, is that you are placing your equirectangular clip into a 360 project. The clip MUST be placed into a standard HD (1080p) project in order for you to reorient the sphere.

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OK, so I need to export as a 360 project out of the Fusion app but then import into a standard 1080p project in FCPX, correct? And again, thanks SO MUCH for your help!!!!!!!! I’ve been watching your stuff for years and really appreciate all that you share! BTW: what then is the benefit or use of the “Overcapture” function? (Which is what I thought I was supposed to be using!)