I’m looking for a plugin for keying in Motion!

/I’m looking for a plugin for keying in Motion!
I’m looking for a plugin for keying in Motion!2019-01-16T03:53:17-07:00
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For a green screen project I’m looking for a plugin that helps me key out fine hair, very detailed work.

I know Primatte Keyer (Red Giant), but that’s quite GPU-demanding and expensive.

Are there other options?

Hawaiki (but you need Mojave for that, I have Sierra)?

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Thanks for your reply Mark.
I do use the Motion keyer, very often.
But this project contains 2 furry rabbit suits with fluffy hair. Motion’s keyer is doing a very good job in keying all the basic elements. But when it comes to the fluffy (orange) hair, I’m not able to tweak it to my satisfaction. I tried in After Effects with Keylight and Primatte Keyer (Red Giant), but I’d rather stay in Motion as I feel very comfortable with it, and because of the less-CPU-consuming-great realtime posibilities Motion has. I even send a test sequence to India for them to try intensive time consuming rotoscoping on it… but the result is still not satisfactonary.
That’s why I am asking around.


Victor, the keyer in Motion is excellent, why aren’t you using that?

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