motion splash background colour and blu-ray burn ??

/motion splash background colour and blu-ray burn ??
motion splash background colour and blu-ray burn ??2015-11-05T18:09:20-07:00
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Dear gods of training 
Am enjoying your training video on getting started in motion, and used it to do a few things for a   small Halloween video for work . Used the splash titles as thought if I changed the colour to red  would look like blood , worked well . But for the life of me I can't work out how to change the back ground colour from black . Have tried everything , but am I missing something as the original seems to be black on black ? so that just doesn't make sense. When you open the project it looks like    black on a kind of light tan colour , but when you save it the background is black not tan ? Am I    being completely thick ! 
The second part of my question you may not be able to help with , but as you guys seem to know final cut inside out I live in hope soooooooo 
I use final cut for lots of home movies , gopro stuff mainly , skiing , camping stuff like that .   And when I finish a film I always burn a few copies to blu ray for my mum , the mates in the films , brother etc. as its so much nicer to watch it in hd on a big old tv then the way every one has     become obsessed with just uploading video . Old school I guess . I have a Samsung player that I       always check the film on after the burn. But since the update to the latest final cut and changing osx to capitan. Final cut burns the blu rays as always , says the share was complete. But my player just says can't play this type of disc ? But will play it if I burn to just DVD , and they do play on a mates old Sony player . But my player will still player all the discs that I burned before the updates ??? Been on lots of forums ,but every one seems to think its just my discs !! but didn't    know if you burn to blu ray for clients ? And with your in depth knowledge of final cut ,if your    aware of any changes that would cause this to happen . Have tried two different makes of blank blu- rays and am just waiting for the 3rd lot of different discs to turn up . Am going to try verbatim   next as these where the disc I used when it was working. But I don't hold much hope as I find it    very unlikely that this could be the problem. oh and the player has not had any kind of firmware    update since it stopped playing the discs. I completely understand if this is not answered as I     appreciate your not tech support but thought maybe you had come across the problem yourself, or if  you recommend using something other then final cut to do the burn.oh i have used compressor also and that was the same .  
Many many thanks for all your help 
Sean ps what seems very odd is if i open the disc in finder to see what files are on it, they are just the same as the discs that wont play. its all very odd 
many thanks sean

HI Sean, we rarely burn disks these days, so I’m going to take a stab at answering from my somewhat limited knowledge base of disk burning.  Not all Blu-ray players are created equal – it’s possible Apple changed how the files are encoded – perhaps a slight variation in the h.264 or AVC encoding method, that your player cannot interpret. Players can be funny things; there has to be full alignment of player software, disk type and method of encoding. DVD’s are still the most reliable way to deliver disks to your mum and friends.



thank you for taking time to reply