Need help finding a project in a massive library

/Need help finding a project in a massive library
Need help finding a project in a massive library2018-11-06T17:00:07-07:00
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I would describe myself as a motivated dilitant as far as FCPX is concerned. I jump in and am able to get done what I want (eventually) but definitely don’t know what I’m doing.

I have a massive session/library that someone built for me. It contains nine camera angles of a dozen songs that were recorded at a band recording session.

I worked on one of them and edited it quite a bit. I actually didn’t love the footage so I was always looking for ways to disguise it and distract from it.

Anyway, I recently opened FCPX with the drive that the project resides on NOT connected. Then when I did connect it, it was unable to find that project. Because nothing is labelled well, I can’t find it. I know the name of the project but don’t know how to search it. I did find a library(?) file that was a back up and it opened the correctly named project but it was an old version. How do I get my edited version back?

I can figure out the date and maybe use Time Machine, but I still don’t really get where the project is. Is it a file or just a part of the library?

Does any of this makes sense?

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Hello David, all projects exist inside of a Library. If your drive is connected, in Final Cut Pro X navigate to the File Menu. There should be an option that says Open Library with a right facing triangle. Move your mouse over this option and a list of recently opened Libraries should appear. Hopefully the one you were working in will appear there. Once you have found and opened the Library you can right click on it inside of Final Cut and choose Reveal in Finder. This will open a Finder window to the saved location of the Library.

You can also use the Mac OS Spotlight feature to search for your Library. But if you don’t know the name of the Library it won’t do you much good.

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