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We have created an additional 4 Free Movies to cover the New Features of FCP 10.4.7.  You can also watch all of the New Features since FCP 10.4 was announced.

Learning Final Cut Pro from within Final Cut Pro in this free 10 lesson video series that will get you up and running quickly.

These short, highly-focused video lessons will guide you through the basics of Final Cut Pro 10.4 using provided media, so you can quickly begin editing and delivering a short video project from start to finish.

In this free series of tutorials, our resident Motion expert Mark Spencer will show you 8 magical things you can do with Motion to enhance your video projects and captivate your audience

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Camera 2 Cloud – Filmic to to FCP

July 18th, 2022|0 Comments

Camera 2 Cloud - Filmic to to FCP Steve demonstrates how to shoot ProRes on your iPhone, then have Filmic Pro generate proxies and upload them to the cloud for editing in Final Cut Pro. Download the Filmic Pro app here: Download transfer app here: =================================================== Chapter Hyperlinks: – C2C Hardware & Software Requirements – Configuring – Configuring Filmic Pro – Choosing Proxy Quality and Upload Method – Configuring Final Cut Pro – Using Transfer – Creating a Proxy Project – Swapping Proxies for Originals

Boris Looks and Mocha Tracking in Final Cut Pro

June 14th, 2022|0 Comments

BorisFX Looks & Mocha Tracking in Final Cut Pro In this video, Steve demonstrates how to use the Mocha tracker in the FREE BorisFX Looks plugin in Final Cut Pro. Download the FREE BorisFX Looks plugin here. Download the Storyblocks clip here. =================================================== – The Finished Effect – Applying a Looks Preset – Customizing the Preset – Saving a Custom Preset – Adding a Mocha Mask – Tracking the Mask – Planar Tracker Explained – Making Changes to the Mask – Viewing & Inverting the Mask – Rotoscoping with Keyframes in Mocha – Saving Tracking & Mask Data – Adding BCC Film Grunge – Applying Mask Data to Grunge Effect

Pixelmator Pro Vectors to Motion Shapes

June 3rd, 2022|0 Comments

Pixelmator Pro Vectors to Motion Shapes Watch Mark demonstrate how he uses Pixelmator Pro to create vector graphics from a flattened logo then bring into Motion to animate the layers. See Mark's new Pixelmator Pro to Motion tutorial. Use this code for a discount - pixel-20 Purchase Pixelmator Pro on the Mac App Store. Chapter hyperlinks: – Why use Pixelmator Pro? – What's in Mark's New Tutorial? – The Benefit of Exporting Motion Shapes

AxisGO Underwater Housing

May 27th, 2022|0 Comments

AxisGO Underwater Housing In this video, Steve takes the iPhone 13 Pro underwater in Catalina using the AxisGo. Chapter Hyperlinks: – Steve Intro – What the Housing was Designed For – How the Housing Works – iPhone 13 Pro Underwater Footage Examples Check out our Final Cut Pro X tutorials.

Next Level Ken Burns Effects in FCP

May 10th, 2022|0 Comments

Next Level Ken Burns Effects in FCP Mark delivers a treasure trove of tips on how to get better Ken Burns effects - including how to create and publish a custom effects in Motion that gives you better control over the animation in FCP. Check out Mark's Motion tutorial library. 30% OFF with Coupon Code: START-MOTION30 =================================================== Chapter Hyperlinks: – Mark's Introduction – Ken Burns on Stills – Ken Burns on Video – Why Position & Scale Keyframes Don't Work – Getting the Best of Both Worlds with Motion – Why Publish an Effect and not a Title?

RippleLIVE Episode 30

April 14th, 2022|0 Comments

RippleLIVE Episode 30 Watch Mark & Steve as they answer your questions on Final Cut Pro, Motion & Compressor in their 30th Livestream!  You can access the hyperlinks for over 70 tips on YouTube. Here are Steve's 7 Favorite Tips: – Tip #1 - How to create an audio visualizer in Motion? – Tip #2 - Practical uses for Machine Learning – Tip #3 - How do you blend talent with background using keyer? – Tip #4 - How do the updates affect those who have intel Macs? – Tip #5 - How do you program the Logitech MX3 for FCP? – Tip #6 - Should I use Time Machine for backups? – Tip #7 - How do you create ranges using timecode?

Better Dialogue Edits with L and J Cuts

March 8th, 2022|0 Comments

Better Dialogue Edits with L & J Cuts In this video, Steve demonstrates how to perform L and J cuts to create better dialogue edits in Final Cut Pro. Check out our Final Cut Pro plugins: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Chapter Hyperlinks: – Introduction – Expanding the Audio – Trimming with Magnetic Timeline – Benefits of Split Edits – Why L or J Cuts? –Fancy Keyboard Shortcuts

Steve’s iPhone Pro Shooting Accessories

February 21st, 2022|0 Comments

Steve's iPhone Pro Shooting Accessories In this video, Steve Martin showcases a few of his favorite iPhone Pro shooting accessories. Check out his Final Cut Pro training here: Moment Pro Tripod Mount Ulanzi Handle Movo VXR10-Pro Articulating Arm Neewer 3-Wheeled Dolly Apple Watch Chapter Hyperlinks: – Introduction – Moment Pro Tripod Mount – Ulanzi MT08 Handle with Extension Pole – MOVO VXR-10 Pro Mic – Newer 3-Wheeled Motorized Dolly – Apple Watch

Better Scrolling Titles in Final Cut Pro

February 1st, 2022|0 Comments

Better Scrolling Titles in Final Cut Pro In this video, Steve shows you how to get the most out of Final Cut Pro's scrolling title. Check out his latest FCP tutorial for beginners here. Learn Final Cut Pro in Steve's 7-hour course - FCP 10.6 Core Training Chapter Hyperlinks: – Introduction – Change Scroll Speed – Change Text Formatting – Steve’s “Secret Sauce” – Removing Lines of Text – Adding Symbols or Emojis

Faster Editing in FCP with Press and Hold

January 18th, 2022|0 Comments

Faster Editing in FCP with Press and Hold In today's video, Mark demonstrates a technique he calls "press & hold" for faster editing in Final Cut Pro. Check out our FCP Tutorials and plugins. Chapter hyperlinks: – Mark Intro – Press & Hold Technique – Press & Hold - Zoom – Press & Hold - Rolling Trim – Press & Hold - Slip Edit – Press & Hold - Slide Edit – Press & Hold - Range Select – Press & Hold - Hand Scroll – Press & Hold - Link Override – Press & Hold - Blade Edits – Press & Hold - Position Tool – Press & Hold - Audio Skimming & Snapping

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