Editing and Mixing Song Vocals in Logic Pro X

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  • Work with vocal composites
  • Apply equalization and effects
  • Create background vocals
  • Add instruments from other artists
  • Create industry compliant tracks

Be Your Best Self, Or At Least Sound Like It

Even when working with the best vocalist there are often vocal flaws within a recording. In this tutorial you’ll learn how to remove distracting human noises like tongue clicks, loud breaths, and other sounds. This simple but important step is critical to producing a professional quality demo.

You Don’t Have To Perform Alone

The simple nature of a solo performance lends a sense of genuineness to any song, but often, a song could use a little bit more. Background vocals add boldness and power to a performance, but you don’t need to hire additional talent. Learn how to use Logic Pro X to create supporting vocal tracks and even create a call and response using your original performance.

Perform Surgical Corrections With Powerful Tools

Logic Pro X is absolutely loaded with powerful tools and effects, but the best suite of audio tools is only helpful if you understand how to use them. In this training you’ll learn how use powerful tools like the De-Esser, Pitch Shifter, Compressor, and Equalizer. With a firm understanding of how the tools work, you can apply them with the finesse of a seasoned pro.

Give Your Listener an Emotional Ride

Go beyond simply making a nice sounding song, and explore advanced mixing techniques that can move your audience through an immersive audio landscape. This tutorial will show you how to use Logic Pro’s powerful automation engine to trigger changes in volume, panning, and effects during key moments of your song.

About the Author:

Mary Plummer
Mary is a professional Video Editor and Composer with over 25 years experience in video and film production. She has worked on wide range of productions from coast to coast including shorts, PSAs, Trailers, Music Videos, Documentary and Independent Feature Films. As a Lead Trainer for Apple’s pro video apps, Mary trained other trainers in the US and Europe and was a presenter at major industry shows including NAB, Mac World, Government Video Expo, DV Expo, and Broadcast Educators Expo. Her corporate clients include: Apple, Pearson Education, The Golf Channel, CNN, BBC, CBS, UPN, NBC, Showtime, Spike TV, Cox Media, Avid, Universal Studios Florida, Disney, Sea World and Hallmark. In addition to professional production and training, Mary is the best selling author of over a dozen industry training books including; Apple Pro Training Series: GarageBand (all versions), Apple Pro Training Series: Soundtrack, Apple Pro Training Series: Soundtrack Pro, Apple Pro Training Series: Getting Started with Final Cut Studio, and Media Composer 6: Part 1 – Editing Essentials (Avid Learning).
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