Warp Speed 3D in Motion 5.4


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  • Animate layered Photoshop images
  • Animate vector artwork and logos in 3D
  • Animate around any object in a photo or video clip
  • Create 3D sets and animate a scene camera
  • Capture and construct a 3D web page

Create & Animate Graphics in 3D

Warp Speed 3D in Motion is a tutorial that will help you turn any video, photo, illustration or graphic into compelling 3D visuals. If you’re an illustrator or work with vector artwork, you’re going to love how Motion allows you to work in the highest resolution possible.

Make Your Photos Come Alive

A popular effect is creating a faux 3D look from photos. In this tutorial you’ll learn how to break apart a photo into layers then animate them. Along the way, you’ll learn efficient techniques, like how to copy masks rather than having to recreate them for each layer.

Cut Between Cameras in a Scene

Presenting web pages in a video is often a flat 2D presentation (aka, boring). Using Motion and a couple of 3D scene cameras, you can animate a web page in some highly engaging ways that will impress your clients.

Play Ring Around the Rosey

This tutorial makes 3D approachable and fun to use. We show you how to get things done quickly without bogging you down with needless information. One incredibly fun use of 3D is to animate a text around a static object in your videos.

Buy the Essentials Bundle and Save 33%

The Motion Essentials Bundle is highly recommended for anyone that wants an immersive curriculum that teaches fundamental workflows that unlock the full creative potential of Apple’s Motion 5 software. You’ll be guided by Mark Spencer, the world’s foremost authority on Motion, as he walks you step-by-step through his carefully prepared lessons. Here is a quick rundown of what’s in this awesome training bundle:

  • Learn the building blocks of Motion
  • Animate with Behaviors & Keyframes
  • Create cool particle effects
  • Build custom video transitions
  • Animate artwork and Logos
  • Work with layered Photoshop images
  • Publish your work to Final Cut Pro X
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About the Author:

Mark Spencer
Mark Spencer is a bay-area based producer, editor, teacher and writer. Mark is also an Apple-certified instructor for Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5 and the author or coauthor of 5 books on Motion, including the Apple Pro Training Series Motion 5, all from Peachpit Press.
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