Learn to Create Motion Graphics that will Engage Your Viewers

For many video creators, creating motion graphics seems too daunting or time consuming. This is why we’ve created a simple learning path that will guide you step-by-step through the process of creating them using Apple’s Motion.

Get Started
Geared for beginners who want to harness the power of motion graphics.

Get Faster
You’ve learned the basics, now it’s time to step on the gas.

Specific Workflows
Discover creative possibilities with these fun and engaging projects.

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New to Motion? Start here.

Getting Started in Motion with Mark Spencer

Start with One Tutorial. Our foundational course that will help you create engaging motion graphics, titles and effects for your videos.  More Info

Motion Essentials Bundle with Mark Spencer

Bundle and Save 33%. Our Motion Essentials Bundle includes 4 of our most popular tutorials. More Info

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Get Faster and Dive Deeper

NEW Leverage the powerful image editing and vector capabilities of Pixelmator Pro to create beautiful resolution-independent animated compositions in Motion. More Info

NEW This tutorial will teach you the key factors you need to know to be able to work with 3D models in both Motion and Final Cut Pro. More Info

Learn how to quickly create stunning motion graphics using Motion’s unique and powerful set of procedural animation tools called Behaviors. More Info

Jump into the director’s chair as you set up 3D scenes; frame your subjects; then dolly, sweep, pan and create fluid camera movement for your motion
graphics projects. More Info

Learn how to draw and animate shapes, which are the building blocks of motion graphics in Apple’s Motion.
More Info

Great tutorial for Final Cut Pro Editors.  Quickly and easily create professional titles, transitions, visual effects in Motion with a minimal investment of time. More Info

Warp Speed 3D in Motion with Mark Spencer

SAVE 65% Warp Speed 3D in Motion is a project-driven tutorial that will get you up to speed quickly using Motion’s 3D toolset to create dynamic 3D animations to engage your viewers. More Info

Learn how to separate your photos into layers then animate them in a variety of compelling ways using Pixelmator, Motion & mPuppet. More Info

Replicators are Motion’s secret weapon. This tutorial will show you how to use them for quickly creating animated graphical elements. More Info

Take control of Motion’s powerful particle engine to create just about anything you can imagine. Simulate smoke, fire, snow, explosions, dust. More Info

Workflow Tutorials in Motion 5.2-5.3

Creating 3D Titles in Motion with Mark Spencer

Place 3D text into scenes that include realistic environments, lighting and shadows. Create your own unique style with custom textures, layers and finishes. More Info

Learn how to create custom titles, effects, transitions and generators in Motion 5, then publish them for use in Final Cut Pro X.  More Info

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Steve will teach you this popular style of motion graphics that combines animated text with the spoken word in such a way that it evokes a particular emotion or an idea.  More Info

Text in Motion 5 with Mark Spencer

ON SALE Our definitive video tutorial on creating, styling and animating 2D text in Motion. Learn how to format, animate, distort and randomize your text and even turn text into particles.   More Info

$19.00Add to cart

Creating Action End Titles with Mark Spencer

Learn how to give your titles the Tarantino treatment. Mark will show you how to create highly stylized, gritty title sequences for your films, commercials or music videos. More Info