Creating 3D Titles in Motion


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  • Create Rich 3D Text
  • Animate 3D Scenes
  • Create Custom Textures & Materials
  • Integrate 3rd Party Applications
  • Match 3D Text to Scene Movement

Give Your Titles Depth

Creating 3D Titles in Motion is an immersive tutorial that walks you through what can be created using Motion’s incredible 3D Text options. Starting with a simple title, you’ll begin building your 3D title layer by layer to achieve just the look you’re after.

Build with Raw Materials

Creating the perfect title can be time consuming, and you don’t want to repeat all of that work if you’re going to use it as a thematic element. This tutorial will show you how to build custom materials from scratch, and save them as a preset that can be applied to any 3D title you’re working on.

Apply Custom Textures

Even though Motion has a plenty of materials, finishes, and effects for creating custom 3D titles, sometimes you need something more organic. By the end of this tutorial you’ll understand how to apply custom textures recorded from the world around you, then apply them to your text.

Add 3D Titles to Your Scenes

One of the greatest aspects of 3D Titles is the ability to incorporate them into a scene. By using more organic looking titles, you can quickly convey information without interrupting your audience’s immersion in the story. This tutorial provides some fantastic tips for matching light, shadow, and camera movement, to pull off this effect seamlessly.

About the Author:

Mark Spencer
Mark Spencer is a bay-area based producer, editor, teacher and writer. Mark is also an Apple-certified instructor for Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5 and the author or coauthor of 5 books on Motion, including the Apple Pro Training Series Motion 5, all from Peachpit Press.
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2 reviews for Creating 3D Titles in Motion

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Charles P. (verified owner)

    This has to be about the best training I’ve used thus far on Motion 5’s 3D features.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Peter E. (verified owner)

    Highly recommended. Mark explains with great clarity how to create and customise this terrific new feature of Motion 5.
    If you want to learn how to make your titles and text really stand out, this is the course for you.

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